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Offensive Cybersecurity for Liberty

In a world teetering on the brink of chaos, where the line between truth and deception blurs with every passing moment, offensive cybersecurity emerges as the unsung hero in the battle against the relentless onslaught of fake information. The rise of shit-throwers-for-hire, manipulators of narratives and architects of disinformation, plunges societies into a sea of confusion. In this turbulent sea, only those armed with the sword of offensive cybersecurity could cut through the waves of lies to protect their families.

In recent events, our co-founder Samuele Landi was incidentally attacked to create collateral damages to a member of the Royal Family of Dubai, who was the real target.

The AOC (Aisland Offensive Cybersec) Team, took immediate action and in a couple of weeks, discovered and exposed the instigator and financier of the crimes and some of his shit-throwers-for-hire, click on the links below to access the reports:

Jeremy Grantam – The Instigator and Financier of the shit-throwers-for-hire the world prominent investor in Timber Industry ( alias The LumberJack):

Source Material – A fake Ngo used to shield a bunch of shit-throwers.
Climate Home News – A fake Ngo used as shield to pay another group of shit-throwers.

Here is the list of exposed shit-throwers-for-hire:
– Matteo Civillini – the Fake Journalists

– Lorenzo Tondo – Journalist of “The Guardian” accused of human trafficking

– Angela Giuffrida – the illegal correspondant of “The Guardian” in Italy

Patrick Greenfield – another reporter of “The Guardian” on the payroll of Grantham

Others are in the queue….

The once venerable institutions of journalism and newspapers, pillars of democracy, now faces an existential threat. A new breed of mercenaries, armed not with guns but with keyboards, are exploiting the digital realm to disseminate falsehoods for the highest bidder. The need for a counterforce is apparent, and offensive cybersecurity steps into the breach.

3 of the reporters exposed are working for “The Guardian”, the self-declared temple of independent information 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

The essence of offensive cybersecurity lay not merely in building digital fortresses to withstand attacks, but in actively seeking out and dismantling the operations of the misinformation architects. Aisland recognizes that in a world dominated by the rapid spread of fake information, playing defence is no longer sufficient. The AOC team is designed to safeguard our digital realm and proactively respond whenever an Aislander is targeted by false information.

The first line of attack involves exposing the crimes and offenses of the fake journalists and newspapers. Cybersecurity experts, armed with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to truth, infiltrated the shadowy networks of misinformation. They traced the digital footprints of the perpetrators, unmasking the puppet masters behind the strings of deception.

One by one, the shit-throwers-for-hire found themselves exposed to the harsh light of truth.. The revelation send shockwaves through the realms of deception, instilling a fear that hadn’t existed before—the fear of being unmasked.

As the war between truth and deception rages on the digital battlefield, offensive cybersecurity become the shield and sword of those who sought to protect the sanctity of information. It is not just about securing firewalls and encrypting data; it was about dismantling the infrastructure of lies that threatens to erode the very foundations of society.

The public, once bombarded by a relentless onslaught of fake news, will regain confidence. They will learn to discern between fact and fiction, guided by the unwavering commitment of the offensive cybersecurity team. The tide is turning, and the information landscape starts to shift back towards a semblance of truth.

In this new era of information warfare, the importance of offensive cybersecurity is crystal clear. It is no longer a luxury but a necessity, a critical tool in the arsenal of those who wish to survive.

An important comment from the cat Wiggy, team leader of the AOC Team:

Aisland is a peaceful, friendly and purring community of seasteaders, and the AOC Team upholds high ethical standards, responding legitimately to unjustified aggressions. Meow”

Wiggy from Aisland 1

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