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Art of Deception in the Timber Industry – Jeremy Grantham

Continuing from the article “Shadows of Deceit: The Timber Tycoon’s Web of Disinformation“…
The global timber industry boasts Jeremy Grantham as one of its biggest investors, with his significant role as the co-founder of GMO, an investment management company commanding a substantial $58 billion USD in assets as of 2023.

GMO’s influence in the timber harvesting and processing sector is extensive, evident in the myriad investment funds under its umbrella. Some notable funds include:

“Strategy Timber Trust, Gmo Bt Fund Lp , Gmo Farm Land Optimization Fund Lp , Gmo Forestry Fund 7 International Lp , Gmo Forestry Fund 7 A Lp , Gmo Forestry Fund 7 B Lp , Gmo Forestry Fund 8 A Lp , Gmo Forestry Fund 8 B Lp , Gmo Forestry Fund 9 Lp , Gmo Long Horizons Forestry Fund A Lp , Gmo Long Horizons Forestry Fund B Lp , Gmo Quokka Lp , Gmo Threshold Timber Corporation , Gmo Threshold Timber Corporation Michigan , Gmo Threshold Timber Lp , Qic Strategy Timber No 1 Limited”. Below one of the company of the portfolio:

Mr. Jeremy Grantham also serves as Chairman of the “Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment“, 🤣🤣 This foundation operates as a registered charity in the U.S., enjoying tax exemptions and holds assets for >1 billion USD:

More than 210 million USD of grants in different forms:

Under the disguise of a charity, Grantham Foundation is used to finance an army of thousands of shit-throwers-for-hire (in short STFH) pouring 35 millions USD only in 2021 to a long list of fake NGOs.

Mr. Grantham is smart, he does not pay directly the STFHs, he transfer the funds to other NGOs, that transfer to other NGOs and finally reach the shit-throwers-for-hire.

In regions like Africa, where governments are actively safeguarding forests and focusing on harvesting carbon credits rather than timber, the STFHs work to undermine such initiatives, potentially jeopardising Mr. Grantham’s substantial investments in the timber industry.

The STFH operate within a network of fabricated NGOs registered under the guise of “Climate Awareness” purpose. These NGOs, working as private media companies, employ individuals with even hidden identities, ready to engage in activities detrimental to specific targets.

Despite declarations stating no direct payments to Mr. Grantham, there are inflated administrative costs, in a total of $13 million USD in 2021. There is no details for “other professional fees” for $9.9 millions

There are assertions that these funds might be redirected to cover personal expenses.

The financial trail purportedly follows a straightforward pattern: certain investment funds within Grantham’s portfolio donate listed shares to the Grantham Foundation, which subsequently sells these assets on the stock exchange, transforming them into cash without incurring taxes due to its charitable status.
A simple method to avoid taxes by moving the money from one pocket to the other one.

We tracked back the Grantham foundation investigating a small group of shit-throwers that harassed incidentally our co-founder Samuele Landi:

https://source-material.org, we published a funny article about them with the evidences of the connection:
Source-material.org on the Payroll of the World Prominent Timber Investor

SourceMaterial is connected to 3 shit-throwers disguised as “journalists” of The Guardian”:
Patrick GreenfieldDeception inside “The Guardian“”
“Lorenzo Tondo – the journalist of The Guardian that helps human traffickers”
“Angela Giuffrida – The Illegal Correspondent of The Guardian”

never less we dag a little bit on:


and we had plenty of fun looking into their business of money laundering and tax evasion:

and how they are still using as main shit-thrower, the fake journalist Matteo Civillini:

is it legal? Not at all, Grantham foundation is a private company disguised as charity, making a huge tax fraud and money laundering schema.

What about the fake NGOs ? They are media companies using a common story telling:
– forests protection are not producing carbon credits;
– the registries validating carbon credits for forests protection are not valid;
– the local people loose their rights on land (logging rights of course).
They are all committing the same crimes in smaller scale, tax fraud and money laundering.
Some NGO are only “money mixers” to badly hide the source of fundings.

The STFHs are supported from alleged “scientific researches”. In effect the Grantham Foundation makes important grants to some universities and the beneficiaries teachers are those originating the fake scientific researches. (New article with evidences will follow.)

When one shit-thrower get in legal troubles, a bunch of fake NGOs from the schema arrives to pay the legal fees under the disguise of the freedom of press for example: Media Defence.(New article with evidences will follow.)

Next articles will be about:
(DONE) – source-material.org another bunch of shit-throwers and linked to Grantham;
(PENDING)- the army of Brancaleone (a ramshackle army) of STFHs inside “The Guardian”;
(PENDING) – NGOs for the rescue for the shit-throwers in legal troubles;
(PENDING) – the fake “scientific” researchers and their fake results.

Stay tuned.

Regarding this article, here is the zip file with the evidences used.
Each different article thhat we produce, links the evidences file.

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