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Deception inside “The Guardian” – Patrick Greenfield

In our preceding articles, we laid bare a deceptive web masterfully orchestrated by none other than one of the timber industry’s most influential investors, Mr. Jeremy Grantham. This exposé provides a comprehensive file of evidences, accessible to everyone seeking to unravel the truth.

At the heart of this elaborate ruse, Mr. Grantham funded a counterfeit NGO camouflaged as an investigative journalism group, tasked with intimidating forest protection initiatives that posed a threat to his colossal investments.

Aisland News, dedicated to unmasking the truth, uncovered the façade of the fake news producer, source-material.org, presenting a plethora of irrefutable evidence directly implicating Mr. Jeremy Grantham.

Our previous article also shines a spotlight on another perpetrator of misinformation, climatechangenews.com involved in a money lanundering schema, and its fictitious journalist, Mr. Matteo Civillini.

The deception didn’t stop there; some of the concocted news from source-material.org and climatechangenews.com found its way into reputable outlets such as “The Guardian.”

How did this happen?

Enter Mr. Jeremy Grantham’s inside man, a figure adept at steering clear of any scrutiny regarding the information fed by these fraudulent investigative journalists. That man is none other than Mr. Patrick Greenfield.

A junior writer for The Guardian specializing in climate change, Greenfield willingly relayed the concocted news from source-material.org and the sham journalist Matteo Civillini, even commending them as outstanding investigative journalists. It’s a bewildering circus of clowns :-))

For instance, Greenfield frequently references the “independent research” of the University of California—a research institution coincidentally blessed with a $3.98 million donation from Mr. Jeremy Grantham as reported in this article:

Above is Mr. Jeremy Grantham magnate in the timber industry.

Greenfield’s modus operandi involves rewriting the spurious articles from source-material.org and climatechangenews.com with subtle variations in wording.

Mr. Patrick is “true” expert in environment, he holds a master in economic as he shows in his Linkedin profile:

Furthermore, he is studying for a master in “Bull-Shit for Climate Change”, today he wrote on X: “The smog is particularly thick at #COP28 this morning. There’s a chemical taste in the air.” , probably he used too much deodorant 🙂

Attempts were made to enlighten Mr. Patrick Greenfield about the falsity of his sources, but he obstinately refused to amend his articles in light of the evidences, rebuffing any further communication.

While an honest journalist would readily rectify inaccuracies, Greenfield seems to be a steadfast business ally of the timber industry magnate, Mr. Jeremy Grantham.

The question now turns to The Guardian—what course of action will they take? We have duly informed the editor’s office.

Adding to the intrigue, Mr. Patrick Greenfield is not just an accomplice; he has also become the recipient of fictitious awards for journalists, crafted by the same deceptive web. A forthcoming article will delve into the specifics of these sham accolades, employed to bolster the credibility of the purveyors of fake news.

Update 2023-12-11: We contacted Mr. Greenfield offering to rectify any inaccuracy in this article, and he declined the offer.


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