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WTX – The theory of Whisky,Tango and X-Ray People

I wish to share a theory about the different human species.

It’s not based on the skin color, gender, or the land of origin, only on the sharpness of the mindset.

Whisky People:

Do you firmly believe in what the main news stream tells, and you blindly follow the order of the Authorities?
Well, you are part of the (W)hisky people. Don’t worry, about 40% of the world population is with you.

Tango People:

Do you have sometime doubts about the truth of information provided from the main news stream and you may decide to do not abide the orders?
Not bad, you are part of the (T)ango people. Another 40% of the population is “dancing” with you.

X-Ray People:

Are You sure that the main news stream is manipulated to manage the mass, and what you believe is the opposite of what they tell?
Great, you are part of the X-Ray people the most evolved and uncontrollable kind of human beings. You are the survivors and leaders of the future time.
You are with a good 20% of the world population.

The beauty of this theory is that you can evolve, from one species to the other and you will not go back.

Don’t try to convince the Whisky people to become a Tango, they can only evolve on their own.

You can talk with the Tango people, and they may become part of the X-Ray.

The X-ray are curious and fool, they enjoy the life open-air and they like to travel so much.

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