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Arkpad – Bring life to the ocean

Multiple seasteading projects are growing up around the world, one worth of mention is Arkpad.

“The ArkPad-C is the first seastead design set to go into mass production by ArkPad. This structure has a shallow draft and is capable of being placed in very shallow waters near to the shore. It comes with a full complement, rain water capture, independent energy production and sharing, fresh, brackish, and septic tanks, as well as a 10 ton weight limit for structures built on top of the ArkPad-C. It is capable of being connected to other ArkPads next to it, and surviving hurricane force winds and waves. All ArkPads have been engineered to last decades, and even up to a century in a fully salt water environment.”

Here a cool video embedded from their website:

Arkpad video


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