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Aisland’s Genesis: The Badass Samuele Landi

Aisland takes life from the idea of Samuele Landi a strange, curious fool and let me say a true badass.

The Beginning:
Samuele, entering the world on August 21, 1965, cultivated a penchant for extreme sports, conquering 12 tumultuous years in off-road bike races, including four Paris-Dakar rallies that spanned the vast expanse of the African continent, leaving him with both of triumph and a body marked by numerous fractures.

(Samuele at the Paris-Dakar of 1992)

(Crossing a river at Camel Marathon Bike of Zaire 1988)

From 1998 to 2010 (12 years) weekends became a canvas for Samuele’s adventures in skydiving, tallying 2000 jumps.

(A low altitude photo, with Samuele at the right-top of the formation over the city of Arezzo -Italy)

Yet, amidst the adrenaline-fueled exploits, his love for coding remained unwavering.

In 1993, with the support of his family, Samuele birthed a small company that would go on to become Italy’s pioneering internet service provider.

By 2008, this fledgling venture had burgeoned into the fourth-largest telecom operator in Italy, boasting a workforce of 2200 and an extensive proprietary fiber optic network sprawling 13,000 kilometers across the nation.

However, the saga takes a dark turn in 2009 when Samuele, perhaps naively, tried to enter into a joint venture with the formidable Silvio Berlusconi, then Prime Minister and media tycoon. A seemingly promising endeavour soon unraveled as Berlusconi’s machinations came to light.

The Unraveling:
Berlusconi’s sudden withdrawal from the deal was accompanied by a cascade of nefarious events. Tax revenue inspectors descended upon Eutelia, Samuele’s brainchild, occupying its offices for four months before abruptly departing with cryptic explanations.
A corrupt public prosecutor, Roberto Rossi, requested the seizure of Eutelia, alleging impending fines amounting to hundreds of millions of euros.

Berlusconi, orchestrating the puppetry, signed personally the seizure, appointing administrators to ‘preserve’ the company. However, preservation took a grotesque turn as the administrators, acting as marionettes, sold Eutelia’s prized fiber optic network for a pittance to a clandestine company in Berlusconi’s grip.
Contrary to the narrative of media empire of Berlusconi, Eutelia never went bankrupted because it was too much rich and is still under seizure from the Italian Mafia.

A relentless pursuit of justice ensued. Samuele, undeterred by the orchestrated chaos, used his skills to unearth the criminals behind the machinations.

A fierce battle has raged for 15 years, with Berlusconi now dead and burning in hell and his accomplices scrambling to evade their inevitable reckoning.

Though these facts may seem antiquated, it remains relevant as certain malevolent forces attempt to exploit it to tarnish Aisland’s reputation. More details of this riveting story will be unveiled in subsequent articles, but for the curious, a glimpse awaits at the following links:

Life in United Arab Emirates:
Samuele Landi and his family lived in Dubai from 2010 to 2022 (12 years), funded a company producing secure communication solutions, cybersecurity and web3/blockchain services. Samuele was the core developer mastering 14 coding languages and with deep knowledge of any reputable operating system.

In 2018 Samuele Landi was appointed Consul General for the Republic of Liberia to UAE from the new President and former football world champion George Manneh Weah.

On 22nd December 2022, Samuele moved to international waters over the deck barge Aisland 1 as the first permanent seasteader in international waters and the libertarian idea of creating a new model of civilisation: https://aisland.io

Samuele is an helicopter pilot, airplane pilot and scuba diver, and had years of training in martial arts, a badass with bullies and a kind soul with the others.

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