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Support realistic climate solutions instead of radical dietary shifts

Urgency to tackle arising climate problems has caused a surge in radical proposals for widespread individual dietary changes, including cutting out meats, switching to plant based foods, and even eating insects… needless to say some of these ideas aren’t easy to swallow for a large majority of people…

…in fact, studies have shown that consuming meats and animal products is the norm throughout the world, these extremist ideas to radically change the diets of millions of people is simply not pragmatic, both on the views of health and human dignity, and the lacking/marginal impact it could potentially have on the environment.

70% of all worldwide carbon emissions are coming from large industries. And the total food production of the world is around 10% of that worldwide total, even with radical dietary shifts this number cannot be fully eliminated without causing possible food shortages.

Carbon credits on the other hand are a realistic and innovative solution to this problem which will regulate the biggest polluters and offset their carbon footprint while simultaneously helping nature conservation effort.

It is these types of solutions that we need in order to have a positive impact, and not the preposterous ideas of a fringe minority of so called “activists” that would grant us a dystopian world where individuals must resort to eating insects while companies continue to produce millions of tons of carbon emissions.


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