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First Seaplane Pilot in Training

The Aisland Floating city, isolated from the mainland, surrounded by vast expanses of water must face the challenges of living in such remote place. To ensure the sustainability and prosperity of its unique community, transportation and connectivity are vital. Seaplanes, with their ability to take off and land on water, have emerged as indispensable lifelines for remote floating cities.

Our first seaplane pilot Achille Landi, is currently in training:

For example the Maldives, an archipelago of islands, depends heavily on seaplanes for inter-island travel and tourism. Remote resorts and communities are connected to the capital city, MalĂ©, by seaplanes, ensuring the flow of tourists and resources that drive the country’s economy.

As technology continues to advance, seaplanes are becoming more eco-friendly and economically viable. Electric and hybrid seaplanes are on the horizon, offering reduced emissions and operational costs. This presents an exciting opportunity for remote floating cities to transition to cleaner transportation solutions while maintaining their crucial connectivity.

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