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Aisland and My Tour Join Forces to Launch Innovative Guided Tour App

Aisland, the iconic Floating City, has teamed up with My Tour to co-create an advanced mobile app for audio broadcasting during guided tours. This strategic partnership aims to redefine the tourist experience by seamlessly merging technology with guided tours, providing visitors with an immersive and informative journey through the enchanting Aisland Floating City and not only.

Partnership Highlights:

The cooperative effort between Aisland and My Tour represents a significant leap in the evolution of guided tours through the integration of cutting-edge technology. The joint venture will result in the development of a state-of-the-art mobile app, allowing both guides and tourists to engage in audio broadcasting, complete with a real-time translation feature for a dynamic and inclusive experience.

Key Features of the Mobile App:

1. Guide Narration:

   – Certified tour guides will utilize the app to provide real-time narration, sharing captivating stories and historical insights about the various attractions within the Aisland Floating City.

   – Tourists can personalize their experience by choosing from a variety of language options, ensuring a tailored and accessible journey.

2. Interactive Maps:

   – Users will benefit from interactive maps that complement the audio narration, providing a visual representation of the historical context of their surroundings.

   – Key points of interest will be highlighted on the maps, offering an enriched understanding of the cultural and architectural significance of the Floating City.

3. Real-Time Translation Feature:

   – The app will introduce a cutting-edge real-time translation feature, breaking language barriers and enabling tourists from diverse backgrounds to fully immerse themselves in the guided tour experience.

   – Guides can seamlessly communicate with visitors in their preferred language, fostering a sense of inclusivity and ensuring everyone can appreciate the rich history of Aisland.

Commercialization and Availability:

Upon completion, the guided tour mobile app, complete with the innovative real-time translation feature, will be available for download on the main app stores. This widespread accessibility ensures that tourists planning a visit to the Aisland Floating City can easily enhance their experience using this technologically advanced tool.

My Tour’s Exclusive Role:

My Tour, as the official tour operator for touristic visits and short stays at Aisland Floating City, will play a central role in promoting and managing the utilization of the mobile app. Their expertise in organizing guided tours aligns seamlessly with the technological innovation brought forth by Aisland, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

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