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Aisland, a pioneering community

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and a globalized world, the concept of nations has evolved beyond traditional borders and physical territories. Aisland, a remarkable community, has emerged as a testament to the power of innovation and the potential for redefining the very notion of off-grid living. Founded on principles of digital governance, blockchain technology, and decentralized autonomy, Aisland has captured the imagination of many as it charts a course into uncharted territory.


Aisland came into existence in 2020 when a group of visionary thinkers and technologists embarked on a bold experiment: to create a floating community in international waters. This new community was to be built on a foundation of blockchain technology, ensuring transparency, security, and autonomy for its citizens.
From 22 December 2022 a a floating platform in international waters has a few permanent residents, the outpost of a future floating city.

Digital Governance and Decentralization

Aisland’s most defining characteristic is its commitment to digital governance and decentralization. The community operates on a blockchain-based platform, where citizens exercise their rights, vote on policies, and even create and enforce laws through smart contracts. This innovative approach to governance empowers citizens with unprecedented control over their own destinies.

One of the key advantages of Aisland’s digital governance is its ability to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances. Traditional nations often struggle to keep pace with technological advancements and shifting societal norms. Aisland, on the other hand, can seamlessly implement changes and updates in real-time, ensuring that its policies remain relevant and responsive.

Community Members and Inclusivity

Becoming a member of Aisland is remarkably accessible. Interested individuals from around the world can apply for membership by demonstrating their commitment to the community’s values and principles. This inclusivity has attracted a diverse and dynamic community of people who share a passion for digital governance and decentralized systems.

Economic Innovation

Aisland has also become a hotbed for economic innovation. With its own native cryptocurrency, AISC, a blockchain-based marketplace, a decentralised exchange and a platform to share signed agreements, Aisland is creating a thriving digital economy. Members can transact, trade, and invest within the community digital ecosystem, fostering entrepreneurship and financial growth.

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